Privacy Policy

DECLARATION In accepting these terms and conditions for e-platform facility, you are deemed to have given the following warranties, confirmations and undertakings:

You are the security holder or appointed person by the security holders of the Company.

You agree to use the Virtual Remote Participation and Voting (“VRPV”) to submit question to the board of directors to address it at the general meeting, to register your attendance for physical meeting or to register for VRPV facility and shall be subjected to the terms and conditions.

For a registered user who has opted to use e-platform facility, you agree to use the VRPV to cast your vote remotely and the vote submitted shall be subjected to the terms and conditions.

You warrant that you, as a registered user, login to the e-platform facility in your own capacity to register for the VRPV facility, engage in live streaming meeting and perform online remote voting.

You have read and understood the terms and conditions on the remote participation and you agree to be bound by it.

You agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy.